Disability Inclusion – launch webinar of Helsinki University 27.1.2022


The Year 2022 of Disability Inclusion – launch webinar of Helsinki University

Helsinki University and Finnish Society for Disability Research cordially invite you to the webinar to launch the Year of Disability Inclusion at the University. This is the very first time when the University takes disability inclusion as the theme of the year. Please join us to the webinar and let’s start thinking about inclusion together.

Time: 27.1. 2022 2-4 o’clock

Place: webinar (the link will be sent to registered participants before the event)

Language: English


 2:00-2:10    Opening by Professor Tom Böhling (Vice-rector of Helsinki University)

 2:10-2:55    Keynote speech by Professor Dan Goodley (Sheffield University, UK) "Why the non-disableds need to engage with disability inclusion?”

 2:55-3:10      Comments by Milla Tengström, Ira Kolkkinen, Maija Lindström and Isa Hukka (Rampaopiskelijat ry of Helsinki University)

3:10-3:25    Comments by Dosent Reetta Mietola (Chairperson of Finnish Society for Disability Research)

3:25-3:50    Q&A session

3:50-4:00    Presentation by Timo Valtonen (Equality Advisor of Helsinki Universitys)

4:00              Closing remarks by Dosent Hisayo Katsui (Associate Professor in Disability Studies of Helsinki University)


Registration: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/115153/lomake.html

More information: Hisayo Katsui (hisayo.katsui@helsinki.fi or 040-7236680)

Please tell us (email address: timo.valtonen@helsinki.fi) your disability-related needs to be accommodated in this webinar. We will do our best to accommodate them.

Warmly welcome!